Metro Area Events
Minneapolis-St Paul Minnesota

Aquatennial Torchlight Parade - HT with earphone/mike, No VOX, 5-6 Hours

Minnetonka Challenge - Swim and canoe race. Fully portable mobiles used from shore stations, boats, and pontoons. 2-4 hours.

Metro Skywarn - Spotter for National Weather Service. Mobile radio and possible use in emergency operations center. 2-6 hours

Twin City Marathon - HT and earphone on battery. Stationed at mile markers. 10-12 hours.















This is a list of some known events that currently use Amateur radio operators. These examples are not all inclusive. Submit your interest and list of capabilities and equipment. You must be a licensed operator with an FCC license.


St Paul's Rice Street parade

Richfield 4th of July Parade



Ironman Bike Ride - Mobile Radios on battery operation. Stationary and in vans. APRS used. 10-12 hours

Power Plant Drill - Communication support for decontamination centers. Multi-agency. (Monticello and Prairie Island). HT and earphone/mike. 2-4 hours

Airport Disaster Drill - Shadow multi-agency personnel. HT with earphone/mike. Portable packet radio network. ATV possible. 4-6 hours