Inside the Barracks

Life waiting for barracks inspection. Sunday was a time set aside to get the rooms back in shape after the weekend. It seemed like they always waited 'til the last minute. Everyone was up late Sunday night. The barracks were inspected when we were in school during the day. Studying also had a priority as did a bit of horseplay.

A3C Donald Paulus and A3C Freddy Freidel (L to R).


A3C Donald Paulus

Friday night laziness meant a mess to clean on Sunday!


(L to R) Unknown, Freidel, Paulus

A3C Donald Paulus studies for classes the next day...

But then goes into slumber mode instead of putting the clean sheets on the rack.


A3C Richard (Lurch) Loveland, our assistant barrack's chief. Had gone to college at Duke. Did not get into system's school.


The Bed of the Unknown Airman!

Supper time in the Service Club. We couldn't stand the food ALL the time in the mess hall.

Above Right to Left: A3C Zinske (Georgia), A3C J Sumida (Hawaii), A3C Charles Peck (Springfield Missouri), A3C Donald Paulus (Illinois)

Card game on the weekend!

A3C Zinske and A3C Charles Peck (L to R)

Zinske mugs for the camera.




Horseplay, thinking of family, girls and loves back home, and rough housing were SOP.