Outside the Barracks

Duties, Fun & a lot more

Work details and waiting for the time to pass. We had electronic fundamentals while we waited for our security clearances. Many of the "ropes" were already in the systems classes.

A3C Stringham (Left) was our "B" shift Red Rope. He was from Australia where his parents were Mormon missionaries. On the right was A3C Joe Dulick.

A3C King works with his model airplane and says "What do you mean I'll never get it off the ground?" Airmen on right (Unknown)

(R to L) on the work detail: A3C Pheiffer, A3C Jauck, A3C Loveland, A3C Stringham, A2C Falk, A2C Lindemark, A3C Paulus (my roomate), A2C Pittenger, A3C Baker (California), A3C Tice

Planting the sign for Squadron of the Month. A1C Breed, our training supervisor, did the overseeing of my roommate A3C Freddy Freidel and A2C Falk (L to R). A1C Breed calls out to A3C Freidel "Snap to it, boy, why are you so slow!" and Freidel comes running. Hanging on sign is A3C Pheiffer and to the right is Pittenger, our barrack's chief.


644 was my home barracks. A2C John Pittenger was the barrack's chief (walking towards camera). We called him "alternating" because we never knew which way he was going to go.

Riding the base bus as we approach a flight of troops.

We marched everywhere. To eat...to school...to work details...sometimes just because the outfit was "chicken shit".




Sweeping the streets and watering the flowers and grass was part of the duties we did during technical school. We also painted a lot of rocks white. We did not have a green thumb.


Stringham says, "Push it harder, troop" But Baker makes face and says the dust bugs him.


A3C Richard Loveland (Blue rope) gets our flight together to march back to the barracks.

Freidel and Paulus play catch to help pass the time.



If nothing else you could always take a siesta on your free time under the bright Colorado sun.

Squadron bulletin board that had to be checked every morning to find out what we were doing. Even then we probably still didn't know what we were doing.

Headquarters and Orderly room of the 3428th Student Squadron.

Fall out of the barracks and form up to march to school, meals, and all activities. Under the eyes watching from the squadron HQ windows, a lot of time was spent waiting. Much of what we talked about were the missed times from home and wondering when we would get our security clearances and where we would end up going.



The aquarium was an inverted plane canopy. We also had a TV room and a couple of pool tables.

Dayroom's patio where we could "relax". I think there was a vending machine around there somewhere also. The pool room was used seldom as it was to close to the administrative office and their officers. It was also the place we had the keg for the rare "beer bust".





We would hang around outside the barracks as cars of girls (officer's kids and those from Denver) would troll past looking for dates. Many of the guys treated the gals pretty good...better than their local boyfriends.


They'd also come in by bus for the dances and activities sponsored on the base.

Paulus was our squadron hulk (or at least he thought he was.)

On Sundays I would dress up and go into Denver to church and spend some time in a mall or sightseeing. Once out of fundamentals and into systems training we had almost every weekend free on pass.